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The Best Chain Saw Sharpeners

Keeping a sharp chain is very important to the maintenence of your saw.

There are several different chain saw sharpeners on the market and several different methods for sharpening. If you only have a chain or 2 there are several inexpensive methods, if you have more, or are a professional chain sharpener, you may consider a Professional Chain Saw Sharpener from Oregon. We'll discuss several different methods and advantages in this article.

File Chain saw sharpener

This is the cheapest and most basic method - a hand file can be used in between professional sharpening of your blade. It can be done while the chain is still installed on the saw. It is a light tool, requires no power, and can be taken to the field with you for use between big jobs.

Dremel tool Chain Saw Sharpener for Home Use

If you have a couple of chains or use a saw for home, or moderate use, you may want to consider an attchement for your Dremel tool. The attchment comes with 3 stone sizes so you can use it on any sized chain, and it helps to give you the correct angle for optimum sharpening.

Northern Bench-mount Chain Saw Sharpener

The Northern Tools bench-mount tool is another inexpensive home option. It requires that the chain be removed from the chain saw bar. It guarantees that you will get the correct angle on the teeth of the chain saw.

Oregon Professional Chain Saw Sharpener

If you are a professional repair shop, or you own a tree business where you have several saws that get heavy use, you may want to invest in an Oregon Professional Chain Saw Sharpener. You can sharpen chains swiftly with this professional tool.

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