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Poulan Weed eater Parts

A Weedeater is a popular power tool for keeping your lawn looking great, but have you ever had a problem getting one started and keeping it running? They are very tempramental. Poulan weedeater parts can be particularly hard to find.

Poulan weedeater and trimmer parts - string assemblies

The string assemblies of weedeaters are perhaps the most often requested part. Many are compatible across several models of your weedeater, and there are often aftermarket assemblies that can be purchased at your local dealer or home improvement store.

Poulan weedeater parts - pistons

Pistons and other internal parts are more difficult to come by, and often you need special tools to get the motor to your weedeater apart to make the replacement. If you are mechanical you can often save yourself significant money fixing one yourself though.

Poulan weedeater parts - Carb Kits

Often, if your weedeater sits over the winter with no use, a carb kit and other fuel system replacement parts will fix your problems. Fixing the fuel filter, float, and replacing some of the gaskets should get your weedeater running. Genuine Poulan weed eater parts are best for the fuel system.

Poulan weedeater parts - Starter Recoil

This is a particularly problematic part on most weedeaters because people tend to pull the starter with too much power, breaking delicate recoil springs inside. Poulan or your weedeater manufacturer can provide the correct recoil mechanism for you to fix this easily.

Poulan weedeater parts - Safety Features

Make sure that you immediately replace any broken shields and make sure that the unit is in proper working order before using each time. Take time after use to clean and inspect your tool to make sure everything is working properly.

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